7 Sneaky Tips to Become SOULMATES, not roommates (With Examples)

You don't have to feel like roommates when your life can be overflowing with true happiness. Someone has to help you two stay in love and enjoy being together.

You can begin today to keep whatever your view of a happy relationship looks like with a few simple targeted ideas.

Have you ever heard the phrase "What goes around comes around."? This post is about sending so many powerful sensations towards your husband, he won't stop treating you with greater affection.

The catch to the last statement is, you can't do these actions anxiously waiting for your hubby to respond. Depending on his nature, it may take a while for him to make the changes necessary to be more romantic and thoughtful towards you.

Your fun is to watch him receive these positive charges to his soul he will wonder what hit him!

Obviously, if your husband is a sensitive person, his sub-conscious will pick on your alluring behavior quicker and he will respond accordingly. He might even ask what has changed in you! Answer honestly and tell him you want a more intimate marriage and made a few changes in your own behavior to become the best wife possible for him. No need to elaborate, keep the intrigue and lovingly entice his senses each day.

If you have fun with these ideas, your relationship will trend in a positive direction. You will speak to his heart from many different directions. He can't help but change!

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So here are the quick tips to apply which will radiate to your husband's heart. The order I share these is not the only way to apply them. Make these ideas your own. Adapt and apply them to become a woman of great intrigue for your special man!

The sprinkling of loving spice adds sizzle to your marriage! These ideas are not expensive, yet they are powerful to keep the spark alive and ward off the marriage counseling some of your friends have endured.

1 - Give your husband the gift of respect.

As you long for love from friends, relatives and your family, your husband is motivated by how he is respected. Yes he can stand on his own, but to fortify his inner man, he requires daily doses of respect. Respect in action is being valued for who he is and what he does.

This process is different for him, than being respected is for you. You feel respected when a friend or family member loves you for who you are and perhaps recognizes a service of kindness you do for them.

Your husband feels respect when praised for his action accomplishments - think about the many different areas in his life: home, work or during off hours. On your phone, make a separate list like "Why I appreciate my husband" and continue to think of any small or large way he blesses you or others.

Verbally share some of these thoughts with him when you hug him or while sitting with him alone. In the next tip, you will find another method to share these ideas with him.

2 - Sprinkle in some written spice for him.

This tip is about irregular love notes and messages to him. Some of your ideas will come from #1 tip while others are to entice and encourage his actions.

I am going to list several places to leave these notes, you can use a variety of note pads or even colored paper with a piece of tape where needed.

Leave these in a few unexpected places and these as well:

  • In his pants: pocket, wallet or suit jacket pocket.

  • In his shoes, his next day socks or underwear.

  • In his car: stuck on his rear view mirror, the sun visor, steering wheel, the GPS screen, the dash board panel.

  • In the house: bathroom mirror, stuck to his top drawer (Dresser or desk), the TV remote, the TV screen.

  • If he has a shop: anywhere he will readily see the note when he enters.

3 - Date nights with a targeted agenda - Deeper love between you two

Many studies have shown couples who lovingly celebrate many more anniversaries in their marriage AND enjoy their relationship, invest time in intimate dates together.

Take a few moments to plan the first four date nights for you two and invite him to join you with a written invitation! Nothing super fancy, just inform him you want some alone time to be with your best friend and reconnect.

If your life is hyper busy, you really need to invest time to unwind together. Reflect on your initial dates. Can you recreate those or do something similar with just the two of you?

I attached a quick reference sheet with one line date ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Creative Date ideas-JHS
Download PDF • 59KB

4 - Show your husband how much you enjoy touching, hugging and kissing him.

When you touch him, remember as a man, he prefers it a bit rougher or with more pressure than you do. So, if you rub his arm, don't tickle him as that has the opposite effect. If you pat his butt and sigh a bit, add more "Umph" than how you want to be treated. If he swats your bottom too roughly, gently inform him you are a softer woman and enjoy lighter touches and pats.

Make the initial effort to kiss him more often and tell him you love him. Know that his language is not fueled by love and it takes a man more time to warm up to saying "I Love You!" more frequently. Keep in mind your intentions are to reeducate him and encourage him to become a more romantic man.

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5 - Get out of the boring routines and ruts you may have fallen into.

All marriages gravitate towards the comfortable. Comfort turns into the routine and if not careful, the comfortable routines allow you take each other for granted. Not every relationship progresses this way, however, enough do erode into lethargy I wanted to send a warning here for you.

Break those routines by observing the creativity already mentioned with demonstrating respect, romance inducing notes and spontaneous physical contact.

Are your dates the same each week? Change those up and look for new vistas of joy you can both mutually (enjoy). When the weather turns nice, choose an outdoor activity such as a take out meal in a local park or walk near a park, take in a youth sports game or go to a golf driving range. Look through the attachment of dates and infuse some pizzazz into your marriage.

In the next tip we extend this idea for leaving the boring and progress into a more intimate journey.

6 - Keep the adventure alive in your marriage.

All different types of enjoyment are most likely appreciated by your husband. No matter your personality, there are many forms of delightful ways to maintain emotional and physical stimulation.

Keep in mind this journey of life can become gratifying for you both. Reflect a few moments on what you each complain or moan about in life.

Ask him to draw you a bath while you make your favorite beverage and enjoy relaxing in the bathroom together, talking about your life and his dreams for you two.

If your husband complains he wants more sex, start doing manual stimulation or oral stimulation and tell him this time is just for him. Be sure to remain enthusiastic when getting him off.

Do not use sex in any form as a type of bargain chip. The beautiful nature of your sexual union is for you both to enjoy the intimate closeness and each of you receives sensual mutual pleasure.

If either of you does not feel very satisfied each time even if you do not climax, then get some advice for how to make it better.

In an upcoming post or two, I am diving into this marvelous subject which is the connecting glue for a marriage. Sex is an important element in your marriage, and it should be vital for supplying wonderful pleasure with each other.

7 - Don't take life so seriously you forget to have fun.

Have fun for the pleasure of laughing or enjoying time together.

Keep life's important events at bay and never allow work or other stressors invade your emotional intimacy.

Begin every day as new as possible. Reflect upon the notes you will send or make for him and give an extra hug and kiss during the normal routines. It takes just seconds to say, "I am so glad you married me!"

In the morning before you part ways for the day, you can generate a few positive thoughts towards him and entice him by mentioning your look forward to you both being home together again tonight!

Don't hide your giddy feelings for him and infuse his thoughts with how wonderful you really are. When you feel he has arrived at work, send him a happy text to enjoy the day!

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