7 simple & enjoyable methods to feel better about yourself

It is healthy to feel good about who you are!

Have you noticed life's most significant improvements happen when you form your desires into

intentional actions? It only takes repeating a specific actions 21 times with the same action

for it to become a habit. I want to encourage you to do them for 30 days and completely

cement these principles into your life.

Since my website is created to help you feel happier every day, about your marriage, and

about yourself as a person, this post is to strengthen you from the inside out!

I hope you see one common trait in all 7 methods listed! I will tell you these commonalities in

a moment.

Habits are how we live each day, morning through evening, with lots of small routines in a free-

flowing fashion.

“We form our habits, and our habits make us”

I am not sure who first said this quote above, yet it is true. Little habits make the difference in

our life.

Any practice you want to instill into your life can be ingrained for your life if you have it

thought out and practice it the same way each time.

Do one of these items listed below for 30 days, your life will improve by a small amount.

Keep adding one to your routine and it will dramatically increase your feeling of self-worth

more than you can imagine.

Here are 7 simple habit starters to choose from. Work one at a time, for 30 days, to fully integrate that new habit into your life. Then choose another.

Get started today. Pick one and make this a fun project during the year – you’re going to like the results! 1 – Jot a note everyday for a month, on an inexpensive card and mail it.

Yep! It does not matter who you begin to write to. The three simple actions here are to buy 30 inexpensive cards (the various “dollar type stores” have boxed sets) or make them on your computer and invest a stamp to each person.

The steps you might employ are:

1 – Make a list of people whom you would like to brighten their day. This list will have

friends, old acquaintances, relatives, or new friends on it. Just get started and don’t

overthink who is on the list. This habit is to get you serving your friends or relatives.

2 - Write a very short 2 – 3 sentence greeting letting them know you were thinking of them.

Make it short and sweet. The same sentiments can be shared among several folks,

especially if they don’t know each other.

To determine ideas, search online for “card greetings to friends” or some such verbiage.

3 – Send them out and mark the date you sent the card on your list.

Once this is a habit, perhaps scale it back to sending two a week, or pick a certain

day to send them out? The key point is to retain it as a habit to encourage people by

sending a note of encouragement on a regular schedule.

2 – Compliment someone with an honest appreciation for who they are, in an unexpected manner.

Some obvious “compliment targets” would be first responders and military folks. However,

other people you interact with should become a habit for you to give a sincere compliment:

restaurant servers; delivery persons (UPS, mail carriers, trash removal, water meter readers,

etc.) the cashier at your local grocery store.

The key to this one is to locate one person a day, who is not a friend or relative, and

generate a sincere, specific compliment for them. Be intentional in your search.

Extra credit if you also tell someone else the reason for your compliment to the designated

person. This performs two acts of random kindness. You make the compliment recipient feel

good and the person you shared the positive thought with.

3 – IF you are married, start a list on the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet, to express your gratitude to your spouse.

I made a list of “25 qualities I see in my wife” and posted it for anyone to see who visits us.

They do not have to be earth shattering tidbits, just sincere and heartfelt.

Ask yourself, “What do I admire, or appreciate about my spouse?”

Another question to stir your imagination is “Why am I glad we are married?”.

What would you tell a stranger you were just introduced to about your spouse?

Those simple ideas should inspire a few thoughts to begin within your mind. The purpose for

this delightful method is to make them feel good about your marriage and have warm

thoughts to look forward to coming home to. For you, the comfort is from making his day a

little brighter.

4 – Do some physical activity to help you feel better.

It feels good to accomplish some extra exercises, no matter how gentle you start. This is not to completely overhaul your life, simply to get your heart pumping a bit more in a regulated manner.

NOTE: if you have not worked out in quite a while, be sure to consult your health care provider before starting a new program.

This is not a suggestion to go crazy attempting to get back into shape if you have not done any real physical activity in a while. We encourage you to perform new, small habits which make an overall change in your health and happiness. Start as slow as needed, just Get Started! Keep track of your progress no matter how much or how little you do at first.

Make a list of “next step activities” for you. If you are a typical “couch potato” when you get home from work or even a busy person catching up on household chores every day, training for a marathon is out. Since you have not done a lot of regular work outs recently, start slow, but START!

1 - Is there exercise equipment which is holding laundry instead of being used for its designed purpose? Then start today and use the apparatus for a brief period, recording how long you work out and at what settings. Log these so that tomorrow and each succeeding day, you have a target to work towards.

2 - The key here is to apply effort, every day for 30 days. It seems to work best if you pick a time of the day most followed each day of the week. As just a little time passes, notice how much you are incrementally building up stamina and how well you are doing. Sometime during the first few days, some muscles might become sore, and you may have setbacks where you are progressing at the same rate as at first. Do not get discouraged as your body is working to catch up with your new habit.

3 – Keep doing whatever you started, each day, and logging your results and make any personal notes as to how you are feeling along the way.

5 – Find a way to laugh, really laugh, not just a chuckle, every day!

Look for some type of entertainment which makes you laugh out loud. True inner joyful exuberance will help you feel better about life. Laughter is good for your psyche.

Does a specific comedian or set of cartoons really get you “belly laughing”? Then everyday for 30 days, find the time to really laugh.

6 – Eat a healthy meal every day for the next 30 days.

Determine what that is like for you. Perhaps it is a wonderful salad. It may be a certain menu which follows a specific style of food which is healthy. Again, this is not to completely start new dietary habits, it is to do what is good for your

This will take effort to plan out the next 30 days, eat a very healthy meal which helps your body feel better!

7 – Do what you love to do, purposefully eliminating destructive actions in your life.

This is not to become selfish, just understanding which negative circumstances are draining

your core. It could be your job, your friends or co-workers. You do not have forever and

several lives to exist. While this seems drastic, understand that you only have 168 hours

each week, why let negative influences drag you down?

What is causing you pain each week? Are there toxic people you continue to hang out with?

Are there persons you come into contact daily at work or through other habitual actions

which cause you to feel less confident about yourself?

Without making a big announcement, or confronting bad influences, make subtle changes

which produce peace and happiness for you. If you eat with the same people for lunch

each day, make new acquaintances. These techniques are not to cause big ripples in

your life, they are here so you can make gradual daily adjustments which add up to better

situations overall.

As mentioned at the beginning, doing wonderful actions for others, will cause you to appreciate who you are. Doing a few healthy habits for yourself is also therapeutic for how you see yourself. Combine these habits over this year and you will feel better all around. Happiness is the byproduct of some good action happening near or towards you.

How happy might you become by practicing these heartwarming actions towards others?

Did you discover at least one common trait in all 7 methods listed? They require you to take specific, targeted action. A bonus is they build upon each other to compound the benefits they will produce within you!

Your friend and happiness coach – Jerry Stumpf


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