3 Secret Recipes for a Life-long Romantic Marriage

Updated: Mar 17

You can mix up a healthy romantic marriage through following some proven yet too often forgotten ideas.

Just as following a recipe can create a desired result so can injecting your marriage with a few well-placed behaviors.

Creating happy couples is simple yet not always easy as old habits create an obstruction. Learning and then applying subtle tips can steer your marriage towards pleasant moments. Take advantage of your differences to strengthen your relationship.

Men respond to activity rather than emotions. Allow this difference to spice up his heart with these 5 zesty suggestions. Practice these 3 delicious romantic enticements and demonstrate how much you love husband in a form he will appreciate. Inject some sizzle into your marriage to keep the marriage counselor away from your home! You do not need marriage therapy if you continue to make his days very special. Discover tasty ingredients which hold him slightly off balance, while your independent lives become woven together even tighter. It may be tricky in these busy times we live to apply these simple ingredients, yet a savvy woman can pull it off, especially since your loving relationship is the goal. You will see him respond to your persistence.

Decide how to blend these ideas into your relationship and create a wonderful life with your husband!

1 - Keep intimate affection alive and thriving - especially in public.

Make it a point to firmly touch your hubby while you two are relaxing. Snuggle together where you might normally sit apart to wind down in the evening. Even if you are engaged in separate activities, discover how to be extra close.

  • Lay your head in his lap while he watches TV and you scan your tablet.

  • Exchange back, leg or arm, massages.

  • When you are out together, exercise your right as a romantic married couple to engage in some brief PDA! People should not hamper you from expressing your pleasure to be with your husband.

  • Beside creating spontaneous sessions, place lovemaking on your calendar and come up with a subtle to "hide" your meaning from other persons eyes. This adds zing to that special evening, as you both will think of your special time together. Flirt with him a bit and leave hints for him to discover such as sticky notes or erasable marker thoughts on a mirror.

Do whatever it takes to show your husband you like being close to him and sharing intimacy.

2 - He values you at his side - as a friend.

A happy marriage is a partnership of coequal lovers, relishing your treasured time together. Your personal feelings become outlets for expressing personal interests. Your husband hopes you are his chief "cheerleader". Deep down he craves your applause even if he is very independent publicly and does not show emotion often.

When you read successful romantic novels, you see inside the male hero's mind and if you look for it, he is yearning for his newest female "friend" to like what he does.

You can gain some insight from your husband by asking a few reflective questions and really tuning in on his desires and not simply the words he uses.

Ask him:
  • "Honey, what are some of the things we did together, you really enjoyed doing?"

  • "What would you like to do together, that maybe we have not done before?"

  • "Do you like it when I watch you and the guys playing …?"

When his answer has a positive response to these questions, ask him how why he enjoys you doing that together. Listen with your heart as to his answer and think how you will duplicate that form of fun in the future.

These questions above are designed to help you investigate and understand your husband's desire to see you as his friend, along side with him in life. He hungers to have you as his companion in every area of life.

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You can easily observe couple who go in different directions with off-time activities. These couples may suffer catastrophic issues as the do not maintain their friendship with each other. You can maintain friendships with your friends, yet the time you share with your husband will reflect the out come for your future marriage relationship.

He loves you being with him! Find time to be with him.

3 - Express what you to feel emotionally fulfilled, with kind, gentle language.

I am not suggesting abrupt confrontation towards your husband when does he not meet your needs. Also, this is not for couples therapy or marriage counseling. It is, however, you as a concerned wife, observing possible shortcomings in her relationship and pursuing effective steps to resolve any weak places. After all, isn't that why you are reading this post? You urgently yearn for improvement within your relationship?

You go online to seek hints or "secrets" to unlock your husband's heart. That is a wonderful way to strengthen your happy marriage. These 3 ideas are for you to convert into actions within your relationship.

Once you uncover any precious nuggets of healing, how you share them can awaken his senses to your needs or push him away. Obviously, your desire is to draw him closer, mind, body and spirit.

By the way, if you did not know, he wants to help YOU feel terrific every day!

No matter how abrupt he acts at times, he deep down wants you to be happy. Often, we men do not know how to express our feelings and so we resort to how we want to be treated which is too often rougher than wives' desire. His lack of knowledge for your desires causes him to act in an unkind fashion. Well, now let's turn that around.

Think for a moment on this question from me to you: "If your husband was 100% responsive to your needs, what would that look like?"

How much more affection would he express and when would those loving gestures occur?

What jobs or tasks around the house would he do without your asking?

What date night experiences would you two do that makes your heart rate increase just considering the possibilities?

In the area of sex, what would you want him to do or say, to help you be ready for his advances?

Apply these ideas to your marriage when working to improve your intimacy.

You can no doubt add a few more ideas to these three. I trust these suffice so you start a list for how to help your husband understand you better. After you have a list compiled, spend some quiet time sharing a thought here and there with him. Focus on one area at a time and when he completes any gesture towards you, express your appreciation to him. We all enjoy praise, and it can become a strong motivator if you execute your desires correctly.

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