13 Powerful Questions Which Bond You Emotionally Tighter

Updated: Apr 29

The right questions can open tons of useful dialogue where you two learn much greater details about each other.

Use these questions that target specific areas for your marriage to open each others hearts.

1 – What do you think makes our marriage better?

2 – How can I show you more respect?

3 – Do you know what I most admire about You? May I share those with you?

4 – What do you think we should do about being so busy?

5 – If we were to choose another couple to be our mentors, who would you pick?

6 – How can I be a better listener when you are having problems?

7 – How often would you like to have a regular date night together?

8 – What would you say were 3 of our most memorable dates together?

9 – Whose marriage do you think is really strong? What is it about their relationship that

makes you feel that way?

10 – What can I do more often to help our relationship grow stronger?

11 – How can I be a better spouse (might make it wife or husband) for you?

12 – What stresses you and how can I help you handle those problems?

13 – Is there anything you think needs to be discussed a bit more at this


Apply these questions in any manner you believe will promote your together time. If you enjoy regular date nights, then share a few questions, one at a time on your date. Just have fun with them and enjoy being with each other. They could be mentioned as an “Oh, by the way …..” style where you two are relaxing together.

Several more posts will appear through out the next few weeks with suggestions for a happy marriage and how to draw closer to each other with and without more questions for you.

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